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What ingredients are used to help support breastfeeding in Super Boober products?

Protein powder, Oats, Chia seeds, Brewers yeast, Flaxseed

Are there any high allergy foods used in Super Boober products?

Dairy, Gluten, Nuts and Eggs are used in Super Boober products. Super Boober products are also produced on shared cooking equipment.

Allergy sensitive options are available

How many Super Boober lactation treats are recommended each day?

We recommend 1 to 2 lactation treats a day.

Can Super Boober products only be eaten by breastfeeding mums?

Everyone can enjoy Super Boober products. They are packed full of goodness.

Breastmilk supply

Will my breastmilk supply increase?

While no clinical studies have been conducted to prove lactation products work, most mum’s who use Super Boober products will notice an increase in their breastmilk supply. Check out our reviews to see other mums experiences. Everybody reacts differently and as such, we cannot guarantee an increase will occur.

Will my breastmilk supply issues be rectified with Super Boober products?

Super Boober lactation products are full of ingredients to support lactation, but they should be used in conjunction with proper breastfeeding practices.

How long will it take for my breastmilk supply to increase?

The benefits of lactogenic foods may be noticed within 48 hours.

How much will my breast milk supply increase by?

As with all medications and supplements everybody responds differently. Check out our reviews to read about other customer experiences with our products.

Delivery & Returns

How long will it take for my Super Boober products to arrive in the mail?

Our products are made to order to ensure the freshest products arrive on your doorstep. Once your treats have been lovingly prepared, we ship them to you quick smart to ensure you can start enjoying our products as soon as possible. From order to delivery is usually between 4 – 7 business days.

Do you have a return/exchange policy?

Our edible products cannot be exchanged or returned for health reasons. All other product issues should be discussed via phone or email. If your product is defective, Super Boober will accept a return of the product and either refund you the price in full or offer a replacement. Super Boober must be notified of any defective items within 48 hours of receipt of the product. Super Boober will not be held liable for damaged goods caused by postage.


Where is Super Boober based?

We are based in Canberra, ACT

Can I customise my New Mum Gift Pack?

Our Super Boober New Mum Gift Packs can be customised to suit your individual needs. We recommend calling or emailing Super Boober with your requests and we can provide you with a quotation. You can add a special message for every gift pack purchased and include additional products that can be shipped directly to the intended recipient. You can also customise the Super Boober lactation flavours that are included too. Simply drop us an email to discuss.

How should Super Boober products be stored?

All Super Boober products are free of all artificial preservatives, flavours and colours. Because of this, our lactation treats should be eaten within a fortnight of opening or frozen for up to 6 months (take them out of the freezer and leave to defrost for 20 minutes). They should be stored in a cool, dry place once opened. But let’s not kid ourselves – they are too yummy to last that long anyway!

Big on goodness. Bigger on flavour.

Our nutritious, delicious and wholesome cookies, smoothies and teas are full of nature’s goodness and tastiness. There’s no artificial colours or preservatives, just tasty flavours like chocolates, nuts, cranberries and seeds.

Super Boober’s products are made using the simple ingredients mums need to boost their breastfeeding calorie intake and energy levels. With only an average of 115 calories per cookies, they are tasty treats that won’t hurt your waistline. The cookies have a four-month shelf life and can be frozen. Simply thaw out for an hour before eating.

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