Everything you need to care for your pair.

Natural, tasty and quality products to support pregnant and breastfeeding Mums

Hi, I’m Jennelle, mother of four and creator of Super Boober.

Let’s be honest – pregnancy and breastfeeding isn’t always a party. I have triplet boys and a girl, so know how difficult and draining pregnancy and breastfeeding can be.

I suffered morning sickness, cravings, cracked nipples and low breastmilk supply. I was scared, anxious and felt like a failure because I couldn’t feed my babies the way I wanted to.

But, that doesn’t have to be your experience.

Super Boober is your pregnancy and breastfeeding superhero. Here to help you, and your pair, survive the demands of Motherhood with nutritious, delicious and convenient lactation cookies, teas and breast care products.

There’s no judgement here – just help to restore calmness and make your life easier so you feel like the Super Mum you are.

Morning sickness? Pregnancy cravings? Low breastmilk supply?

Super Boober’s pregnancy cookies, crackers, granola bars and teas can take of that.

My lactation cookies and pregnancy cookies are jam-packed with natural vitamins and ingredients. They are the perfect foods to reduce nausea, improve digestion, restore energy and boost breastmilk supply.

Try popular cookie flavours like choc-chip and coconut, or go wild and create your own signature cookie. With over 7,000 flavour combinations available, you’re sure to find a new taste sensation.

Prefer something more savoury? Try my pregnancy crackers or seed and dried fruit granola bars.

With no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, these are truly guilt-free, heavenly, deliciousness.

So why not enjoy your treat with a relaxing cup of tea? Made with organic herbs and natural flavours, my lactation tea and pregnancy teas help boost your breastmilk supply, relieve pregnancy symptoms and boost your immune system.

Oh my goodness!! These cookies are amazing. I have never been successful in feeding my bub and having enough milk to pump as well. But now I have too much milk! Thank you so much Jenn.


Leaky boobs? Stretch marks? Sore nipples?

Your boobs go through so much – stretch marks, cracked and bleeding nipples, mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement.

And on top of that, YOU have to endure annoying leaking boobs, embarrassing breastmilk stains and uncomfortable bras.

Looking after your boobs is an important part of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Create a comfortable home for them Cadenshae maternity bras, and defeat leaking with my environmentally-friendly, super-soft and absorbent reusable breast pads.

Collect every drop of that precious breastmilk with my easy and comfortable suction breast pump and make breastfeeding in public comfortable with stylish nursing covers.

Super Boober’s range of organic oils, blends, balms and butters help soothe sore and cracked nipples, reduce pain and inflammation, boost breastmilk supply and prevent stretch marks.

These cookies are amazing! They taste so good and actually work - after just 1 day! My supply increased by more than 100mls each pumping session. I would definitely recommend these to anyone else needing to increase their breastmilk supply.


While your boobs might hurt, my prices won’t. 

Help shouldn’t be expensive so shop away with prices that won’t suck you dry.

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