Why choose Super Boober?

All-natural, premium ingredients, made fresh, right here in Australia, using tried and tested milk boosting recipes. Super Boober is your ultimate sidekick when breastfeeding!

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Full of milk boosting superfoods

Our products contain the very best superfoods to stimulate prolactin & breastmilk production.

No artificial ingredients

Our products contain natural ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Stay lean, fit and healthy with our low-calorie, nutrient-dense products that keep you feeling fuller, for longer.

Freshly made

Our snacks are freshly made to order - no preservative filled, imported products that have been sitting in a warehouse for months before you get them.


Your sidekick for your whole breastfeeding journey

Don’t go through the hardships of breastfeeding alone. Our lactation products help take the pain, stress and discomfort out of breastfeeding, so you and your bub can grow and bond together with ease.

Super Boober is here for you.

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Increase breast milk supply

All of our products contain galactagogues, which are naturally occurring, plant-based superfoods that naturally enhance breastmilk production.

As you snack on our delicious lactation foods, prolactin will be released into your body, boosting your milk supply to keep your baby nourished.

Be the hero of your own breastfeeding journey!

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5/5 Star for Taste & Milk-Boosting Benefits

Our reviews speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on being one of the few lactation food brands that consistently win 5/5 star reviews across taste & texture. And we do it using natural ingredients.

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Created for mums, by mums

Our founder is a proud mother of four who discovered the secret to milk boosting products that work AND taste amazing.

And with great milk-boosting power, comes great responsibility! We’re determined to make breastfeeding a happier experience for both mothers and babies and support your baby’s growth without all the pain, stress and discomfort.

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