Super Boober Labour Tea





Nearing the end of your pregnancy journey? Then this is the tea for you!

Our Super Boober Labour Tea contains red raspberry leaf, which is a uterine tonic that may help to prepare you for labour. You can continue to drink Labour Tea after the birth too. This nutrient-rich tea can be continued for two weeks postnatally. It can assist with reducing blood loss, toning the uterus and supporting breast milk production.

The Raspberry Leaf is blended with Chamomile, Peppermint, Dandelion and Nettle to produce an earthy, sweet and fragrant tea blend.

What are the benefits of drinking our Super Boober Labour Tea blend?

  • It contains a rich assortment of vitamins including vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, magnesium and fragrine.
  • It can lower the blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.
  • It aids the mother’s immune system, ease morning sickness and promote better circulation.
  • When consumed in larger quantities, it can help to induce labour.
  • It helps to strengthen uterine muscles and tone the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contractions.
  • Reduces the risk of postpartum haemorrhage
  • Helps to balance postpartum hormones.
  • Reduces the risk of requiring artificial rupture of their membranes, caesarean section, forceps, or vacuum birth.
  • It aids in boosting breastmilk supply.
  • Studies have shown that women who consume red raspberry leaf have a reduced incidence of birth interventions.
  • Research has also found that women who drink red raspberry leaf tea regularly towards the end of their pregnancies had shorter second stages of labour than those who don’t.
  • It can also improve the chances of implantation when trying for pregnancy and help to prevent miscarriage by strengthening and toning the uterine wall.

How many cups of Labour Tea should I have a day?

It recommended that you have up to 4 cups of Labour Tea a day in your third trimester.

  • 28 to 32 week’s gestation – maximum 1cups daily
  • 32 to 36 week’s gestation – maximum 2 cups daily
  • 36 weeks + gestation – maximum 4 cups daily

How to Prepare Labour Tea?

The best way to prepare your Super Boober Labour Tea is to scoop a teaspoon of the tea blend in to a tea infuser and steep in a cup of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on how strong you prefer your tea).

Are there any side effects to drinking Labour Tea?

Most women do not experience any side effects to drinking Labour Tea. Potential side effects may include loose stools and an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions.

Is Labour Tea safe for me?

There are no known contraindications for Labour Tea when used in the third trimester at the appropriate dose. If you’ve had a previous labour which has been really fast, then this tea is best avoided. Labour Tea takes several weeks to accumulate in the body and take effect. You should start by drinking one cup of Labour Tea per day, and gradually increase to four cups by 36 week’s gestation. If you experience strong Braxton Hicks contractions after taking Labour Tea, speak to your healthcare provider.

Disclaimer: to be used in conjunction with recommended breastfeeding practices. Results may vary.


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