Customised Lactation Cookie Flavours


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It’s a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ for lactation cookies! You’re in control. You decide on the flavour combinations. We work our magic to create your perfect Super Boober Lactation Cookie flavour!

No more agonising over which of standard flavour packs to get. No more wasting your money on flavours that just don’t tickle your fancy. Now, with you as head chef, your tastebuds will be doing a happy dance and your breast milk will be over flowing! Happy mum, happy bub.

With over 35 different flavours, there’s more than 7000 possible combinations to choose from! So what flavours will you choose?

Simply select your cookie flavour base – chocolate or vanilla – then pick 1 or 2 delicious flavour combinations from our range of options and select the quantity you require – 3 packs, 6 packs or 9 packs. Easy peasy.

Can’t find your desired flavour? Just touch base with us to discuss what flavour you are after and we will see if it’s possible! If you’d also like your cookies made diary free, egg free or gluten friendly (includes oats), simply include a note in your order at checkout.

There is a minimum quantity order of 3 packs (36 cookies total) on all Choose Your Own Lactation Cookie flavour orders. The more you buy, the cheaper the total price.

Our custom flavours make the perfect gift for a breastfeeding mother – choose a custom flavour to suit their tastes and gift box them up with our range of other Super Boober breastfeeding supplies. Contact us to arrange a quote for a custom gift box!