It’s the power of galactogogues.

Yes, it’s the mild-mannered galactogogues that are the caped crusader of our lactation products.

What are they? They’re pure super foods that naturally enhance breastmilk production.

Super galactogogues (gal-act-o-gogs) have been shown to increase prolactin levels which you need to produce breastmilk.

While you’ll find them in everyday foods, it’s the combination of them in one product that gives them their super powers.

They don’t just promote breastmilk production, they also help to lower cholesterol, increase iron, improve cardio-vascular health and strengthen your immune system.

They may be little, but they pack a punch.

You may have seen other lactation products that include fenugreek. Super Boober lactation products don’t, because it can have an adverse effect on breastmilk supply for some mothers.

It can also interfere with the absorption of medication, vitamins and minerals, affect blood sugar levels and cause stomach upset in the baby. That’s  why you won’t find it in any of my products.

Enjoy your lactation cookie, cracker or granola bar with a relaxing cup of my lactation tea. This caffeine-free, loose-leaf tea combines the natural properties of fennel, lemon verbena and lavender to help boost your breastmilk supply and reduce colic symptoms in babies.

These treats are the perfect healthy pregnancy snack to have on the go.

Super Boober cookies have four galactogogue superheroes



With iron, dietary fibre, and healthy cholesterol-lowering properties, oats battle against coronary artery disease and colorectal cancer.

Iron is important for breastfeeding mothers, as low iron levels can impact breastmilk supply. The additional protein will also help if you’re suffering pregnancy-related hair loss.


Flaxseed comes to your resuce with healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre to combat cancer and boost energy levels and blood health.

It also helps to fight inflammation, which so many breastfeeding mums suffer from.

Brewer’s Yeast

This unassuming galactogogue harnesses the power of protein, iron, B vitamins and other trace minerals. It can help to increase energy levels, and elevate mood, which all new mums need.


Seasame Seeds

So much power in one tiny thing. With protein, fibre, iron, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, just to name a few, sesame seeds are one of the most powerful super galactagogue foods.

With the strength of antioxidants, they promote healthy digestion, boost metabolism, help manage diabetes and fight free radicals.


Big on goodness.

Bigger on flavour.

Our nutritious, delicious and wholesome cookies, smoothies and teas are full of nature’s goodness and tastiness. There’s no artificial colours or preservatives, just tasty flavours like chocolates, nuts, pretzels, cranberries and seeds.

Super Boober’s products are made using the simple ingredients mums need to boost their breastfeeding calorie intake and energy levels. With only an average of 115 calories per cookies, they are tasty treats that won’t hurt your waistline. The cookies have a four-month shelf life and can be frozen. Simply thaw out for an hour before eating. They’ll taste just same as if they were fresh.


Allergy advice


All food products are made on shared equipment and may contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, gluten, eggs and dairy. Dairy, egg, soy and nut free cookies are available.